Candy's Blossoming Love Sterling Silver Lariat Style Heart Necklace

  • $24.99

We have always known how great our teachers are, but for most of us, how awesome our teachers are did not hit home until we became the teacher.  Let's show our teachers some love by giving them a little piece of our hearts.  Of course this adorable heart will make a lovely Christmas gift, but don't wait until Christmas.  Show your teachers today how much they mean to you.  We don't know what tomorrow holds!

This lovely Sterling Silver Lariat Style Heart Necklace is high on adorable.  The heart symbol has long been recognized across cultures as being a symbol of love, charity, joy and compassion.  Now you can have two hearts in one. 

The necklace measures 18" from end to end.  The solid heart chain slides through the open heart, allowing for adjustment of how high the open heart goes, and how low the closed heart goes.  The necklace can even become a choker.